About Marihelen

Marihelen Wheeler is an advocate of our natural resources, local businesses, opportunities for children and families, local arts and culture.

An advocate for our natural resources
For decades, Marihelen has fought to protect our rivers, lakes, and springs. She actively opposes the Sabal Trail pipeline, the proposed phosphate mines in Union and Broward Counties, the destruction of wetlands in Alachua County and other threats to our drinking water. She advocates for smart development that supports both our local economy and our environment.

An advocate for a strong community
Marihelen knows that a strong community requires a strong local economy, a focus on equity, and opportunities for local art and culture. She has fought for a living wage and supports local businesses which increase economic well-being. She is an art educator and actively encourages our local sources of art and culture

A fierce advocate for children and families
Marihelen retired from teaching after 38 years, including 22 years in Alachua County public schools. She has taught children with different needs, including exceptional education students and students who speak English as a second language. She has also taught girls in the juvenile justice system. She fights for access to a quality education that children deserve and the enrichments that children need to find success.

Married to Paul Wheeler with three sons

Co-owner of the Gestalt Center

Gainesville Resident of Alachua County for 30 years

M.A. and M.A. Ed. with 38 years teaching experience

Retired from Westwood Middle School after 22 years

Teacher of the Year at Westwood Middle School, 2011

Teacher at Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, Outdoor Experiential Juvenile Justice Residential Program, Levy County

Vice-President of Delta Kappa Gamma, a professional society for women educators

Lifetime member of Alachua County Education Association and National Education Association

Spirit of Gainesville nominee for arts, 2014

Vice-president of Santa Fe Lake Dwellers

Florida Wildlife Care board member and volunteer for 20 years

Our Santa Fe River advisory board member

Spirit of Gainesville nominee for arts, 2014

Gainesville Community Playhouse board member and head costumer for 20 years

Co-host of African Network TV’s “Straight Talk”

Alachua County Labor Coalition member


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